Heart Disease (Hridroga) - Ayurvedic Treatment

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Heart disease is always taken as serious disease and it produces certain anxiety in the mind of the patient and related people. Heart being a major vital organ with life of a person depending upon, heart disease becomes the main seriously thought and researched disease condition. In Ayurveda heart is considered as one of the three most vital points of the body i.e. Tri Marma. The heart being the important vital organ of the circulatory system, the nature and the course of Hridroga is always critical. In many cases the disease is incurable and produces immediate threat to life.

Predisposing factors : Nidana

  1. Intake of food which is hard to digest, astringent, bitter, over dried and over unctuous.
  2. Intake of incompatible food items.
  3. Excessive physical exertion.
  4. Physical injury.
  5. Over eating, repeated eating.
  6. Excessive indulgence in sex.
  7. Severe emotional stress due to affliction of emotions like anger, fear, worry, sorrow, mental stress etc.
  8. Suppression of natural urges.
  9. Erroneous applications of body purification procedures. For e.g. wrong application of Panchkarma procedures like Shodhana, Aptarpana, and Lekhana etc.
  10. Intake of food which is not desired by the self.
  11. Affliction of other severe, untreated diseases.
  12. Sedentary life style.
  13. Intake of food which is hard to digest, astringent, bitter, over dried and over unctuous.

Premonitary features : Purvaroopa

These features are not specifically explained while explaining Hridroga. This must be due to the sudden onset and acute nature of the disease. Some commonly observed symptoms are enlisted bellow.

  1. Fright, restlessness.
  2. Sudden pain and heaviness in chest.
  3. Palpitations.
  4. Feeling of heavily loaded chest.
  5. Difficult, interrupted breathing.

Clinical features: Roopa

  1. Discoloration of skin.
  2. Stupor.
  3. Coughing bouts.
  4. Hiccup.
  5. Dyspnoea.
  6. Morbid taste of mouth.
  7. Thirst.
  8. Disoriented mind.
  9. Pain in chest.
  10. Insipid mouth.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Heart Diseases